Emerities Newsletter

Winter 2018

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Winter 2018 EmeriTies  

Fall 2017

 The Emeriti Association creates a fund supporting students in the Honors College . . . read more in the

Fall 2017 EmeriTies  

Winter-Spring 2017

Professor Emerita Chris Rosenbloom shares her research on genes and DNA , recap of tour at Hartsfield…read more in the

Winter-Spring 2017 EmeriTies  

Fall 2016

Honors College Dean Larry Berman provides gives a history of the college…read more in the

Fall 2016 EmeriTies  

Summer 2016

Emerita Anne Page Mosby takes us on a tour of South Korea during cherry blossom season…read more in the

Summer 2016 EmeriTies  

Spring 2016

Emerita Miss Cody provides detailed explanation of USG retiree healthcare changes and Professor of Emerita of English, Christine Gallant shares how your emeritus status will keep you in touch with..read more in the

Spring 2016 EmeriTies  

Winter 2016

A new era begins with Georgia State-Georgia Perimeter College and Emeritus Teryl Frey shares his four month adventure to…read more in the

Winter 2016 EmeriTies  

Fall 2015

Robinson College Professor and Chair Emeritus Stan Smits writes that retirement has allowed him to teach abroad and assist with mental health system reform in Georgia among other activities…read more in the

Fall 2015 EmeriTies 

Summer 2015

Charles Fallis talks about running; Wade Weast, new director of the School of Music, is profiled; and the history of the Honors College is featured...read more in the

Summer 2015 EmeriTies 

Spring 2015

Emeriti-sponsored employee scholarships are discussed; benefits of emeriti email accounts are highlighted; and Rankin Cooter outlines ways to avoid identity theft...read more in the

Spring 2015 EmeriTies 

Winter 2015

Charles William discusses his experiences with colon cancer, Missy Cody talks about a season of resolution, and Harvey Newman shares a preview of an upcoming documentary with Andrew Young ...read more in the

Winter 2014 EmeriTies 

Fall 2014

Missy Cody celebrates life and Georgia State University, Dave Ewert and his wife tour Australia and Sandra Owen shares empowerment through America’s Great Outdoor Initiate…read more in the

Fall 2014 EmeriTies 

Summer 2014

Bonnie Fritz shares her volunteering experience during superstorm Sandy, Dennis Thompson discusses his love of the phonograph and Lynn Hogue reviews the book, Faculty Retirement: Best Practices for Navigating the Transition…read more in the

Summer 2014 EmeriTies 

Spring 2014

Alumnus shares his favorite professor from the College of Law, Laura Burtle writes about ScholarWorks and James Cooney talks about bringing younger audiences to the Opera…read more in the

Spring 2014 EmeriTies 

Winter 2014

Rankin Cooter discusses sports medicine, Larry Walker describes his most recent art exhibit and Harvey Newman writes about the joys of volunteering ..read more in the

Winter 2014 EmeriTies 

Fall 2013

Sherman Day and Lynn Hogue discuss their time teaching in China and Haiti while stateside Ellen Evans shares her experience teaching seniors…read more in the

Fall 2013 EmeriTies 

Summer 2013

John Haberlen shares his experiences blending arts and academics in east Atlanta and Rankin Cooter reflects on the 2012-2013 year.…read more in the

Summer 2013 EmeriTies 

Spring 2013

Explore historical Istanbul and Izmir through an emeritus’ 35 years of experience travelling to Turkey.…read more in the

Spring 2013 EmeriTies 

Winter 2013

Explore below the Grand Canyon rim through the adventures of emeritus George Davis and his friends…read more in the

Winter 2013 EmeriTies 

Fall 2012

Verle Mickish shares his life journey and  some of his original artwork. Verle Mickish is professor emeritus in Art & Design… read more in the

Fall 2012 EmeriTies 

Summer 2012

Professor Emeritus Yezdi Bhada tells about the inception of the Emeriti Association and its many accomplishments as we celebrate our 10th year anniversary and look into the future…. read more in the

Summer 2012 EmeriTies 

Spring 2012

Emeritus Stan Smits shares his annual adventures in Paris with interesting stories including a visit to the Paris Sewer System … read more in the

Spring 2012 EmeriTies 

Winter 2012

Emeritus Ralph Russell shares his life-long love for the piano and the luxury of time in retirement to enjoy it… read more in the

Winter 2012 EmeriTies 

Winter 2011

Panther football, The Making of a Biography and Gerald Davis shares travel adventure with..read more in the

Winter 2011 EmeriTies 

Winter 2010

Charlene Hurt highlights ways to volunteer more effectively and Professsor of Nutrition, Chris Rosenbloom shares how to make informed choices about…read more in the

Winter 2010 EmeriTies 

Spring 2009

Emeritus David Ewert becomes new chairman and Emeritus Dr. Roy M. Kern shines in …read more in the

Spring 2009 EmeriTies